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exhausted englannista suomeksi

  1. uupunut

  2. tyhjiin imetty

  1. uupunut, väsyksissä, poikki

  2. ehtynyt, ehdytetty

  3. Verbi

exhausted englanniksi

  1. Very tired; in a state of exhaustion.

  2. ''The exhausted man fell asleep immediately.''

  3. Depleted of resources.

  4. ''The exhausted mine was worthless once all the ore had been extracted.''

  5. Emptied of contents, especially of air; that has been made into a vacuum.

  6. *1791, (w), ''Life of Johnson'', Oxford 2008, p. 839:

  7. A man can live in thick air, but perishes in an exhausted receiver.
  8. (en-past of)