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dottle englannista suomeksi

  1. perskat, piipunperät

  1. piipunperskat

dottle englanniksi

  1. A plug or tap of a vessel.

  2. A small rounded lump or mass.

  3. The still burning or wholly burnt tobacco plug in a pipe.

  4. 1957, Lawrence Durrell, ''Justine'', Faber p. 96:

  5. one hand guards the burning dottle of my pipe from the force of the wind
  6. 1981, John Gardner, ''Freddy's Book'', Abacus 1982, p. 38:

  7. I clenched my pipe in my right fist and poked at the dottle busily with various fingers, first one then another, of my left hand.
  8. 1984, Dean Foster|Alan Dean Foster, The Hour of the Gate|''The Hour of the Gate'', page 89:

  9. He tapped out the dottle on the deck, locked the steering oar in position, and commenced repacking his pipe.
  10. (quote-text)

  11. A baby's dummy, pacifier.

  12. Stupid or senile.

  13. 1893: David Herschell Edwards, ''One Hundred Modern Scottish Poets: With Biographical and Critical Notices'', volume 15, page 403

  14. When days and years proclaim you’re old — A dottle, cripple, gouty fellow,Then for support you can lay hold O’ the upright of your umberella.
  15. A dotard.