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decoy englannista suomeksi

  1. syötti, houkutuslintu

  2. houkutin

  3. houkutella ansaan

  1. Substantiivi

  2. houkutin, houkutuslintu

  3. houkutuslintu

  4. Verbi

decoy englanniksi

  1. A person or object meant to lure somebody into danger.

  2. A real or fake animal used by hunters to lure game.

  3. Deceptive military device used to draw enemy attention or fire away from a more important target.

  4. 2002, Robotech: Battlecry – Guide and Walkthrough

  5. Just every 5 seconds or so shoot out a decoy near the Cats Eye and the enemies will aim for that instead of the Cats Eye.
  6. To lead into danger by artifice; to lure into a net or snare; to entrap.

  7. ''to decoy troops into an ambush; to decoy ducks into a net''

  8. (RQ:Goldsmith Deserted Village)

  9. To act as, or use, a decoy. (rfex)