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decoy englannista suomeksi

  1. syötti, houkutuslintu

  2. houkutin

  3. houkutella ansaan

  1. Substantiivi

  2. houkutin, houkutuslintu

  3. houkutuslintu

  4. Verbi

decoy englanniksi

  1. A person or object meant to lure somebody into danger.

  2. A real or fake animal used by hunters to lure game.

  3. Deceptive military device used to draw enemy attention or fire away from a more important target.

  4. 2002, Robotech: Battlecry – Guide and Walkthrough

  5. Just every 5 seconds or so shoot out a decoy near the Cats Eye and the enemies will aim for that instead of the Cats Eye.
  6. An assembly of hooped or netted corridors into which wild ducks may be enticed (originally by tame ducks) and trapped.

  7. To lead into danger by artifice; to lure into a net or snare; to entrap.

  8. ''to decoy troops into an ambush; to decoy ducks into a net''

  9. (RQ:Goldsmith Deserted Village)

  10. To act as, or use, a decoy. (rfex)