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deceptive englannista suomeksi

  1. pettävä

  1. petollinen, harhaanjohtava

deceptive englanniksi

  1. Likely or attempting to deceive.

  2. (syn)


  3. 1653, (w), ''Anthropometamorphosis,'' London: William Hunt, Scene(nbs)24, p.(nbs)521,

  4. (..) others declare that no Creature can be made or transmuted into a better or worse, or transformed into another species (..) and ''Martinus Delrio'' the Jesuit accounts this degeneration of Man into a Beast to be an illusion, deceptive and repugnant to Nature;
  5. 1789, (w) (translator), ''The History of My Own Times'' by (w), London: G.G.J. and J. Robinson, Part(nbs)1, Chapter(nbs)12, p.(nbs)163,

  6. (..) at the opening of the campaign, the French, after various deceptive attempts on different places, suddenly invested Tournay.
  7. 1846, (w), ''Notes on the Miracles of Our Lord,'' London: John W. Parker, 2nd ed., 1847, Preliminary Essay, Chapter(nbs)2, p.(nbs)10,

  8. language altogether deceptive, and hiding the deeper reality from our eyes
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  10. (..) it is characteristic of TB that many of its symptoms are deceptive—liveliness that comes from enervation, rosy cheeks that look like a sign of health but come from fever—and an upsurge of vitality may be a sign of approaching death.