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daylight englannista suomeksi

  1. päivänvalo

  2. valoisa aika

  1. Substantiivi

  2. päivänvalo

  3. päivänvalolamppu

  4. päivä, päivänvalo

  5. valo

  6. välys

  7. ero

  8. Verbi

daylight englanniksi

  1. The light from the Sun, as opposed to that from any other source.

  2. A light source that simulates daylight.

  3. The intensity distribution of light over the visible spectrum generated by the Sun under various conditions or by other light sources intended to simulate natural daylight.

  4. The period of time between sunrise and sunset.

  5. (ux)

  6. Daybreak.

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  8. Towards the following morning, the thermometer fell to 5°; and at daylight, there was not an atom of water to be seen in any direction.
  9. Exposure to public scrutiny.

  10. A clear, open space.

  11. The space between platens on a press or similar machinery.

  12. Emotional or psychological distance between people, or disagreement.

  13. The gap between the top of a drinking-glass and the level of drink it is filled with.

  14. (cot)

  15. To expose to daylight

  16. (RQ:Wells Time Machine) the Morlocks, subterranean for innumerable generations, had come at last to find the daylit surface intolerable.

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  18. (..) she was not looking at the daylit, sunny world which she so wanted to see.
  19. To provide sources of natural illumination such as skylights or windows.

  20. To allow light in, as by opening drapes.

  21. To run a drainage pipe to an opening from which its contents can drain away naturally.

  22. To gain exposure to the open.

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