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coupé englanniksi

  1. coupe

  1. A two-seater car, normally a car. (variant of coupe)

  2. A car with a fixed-roof body style that is shorter than a sedan or saloon of the same model.

  3. The front part of a French stagecoach.

  4. A four-wheeled carriage with two seats inside, and a separate seat for the driver.

  5. The front compartment of a carriage.

  6. The strongest grade of Spanish saffron, akin to the Iranian sargol.

  7. coupé

  8. Divided into two equal parts horizontally, per fess; said of an escutcheon.

  9. (past participle of)

  10. A coupé (car).

  11. coupé

  12. to cut