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bold englannista suomeksi

  1. lihavoitu kirjasinlaji, lihavoitu

  2. terävä, jyrkkä

  3. selväpiirteinen

  4. arkailematon, arastelematon, uskalias, rohkea, urhoollinen

  1. arastelematon, arkailematon, karski, rohkea, röyhkeä, selväpiirteinen, suorasukainen, urhoollinen, uskalias, voimakas

  2. lihavoitu

  3. Substantiivi

bold englanniksi

  1. A dwelling; habitation; building.

  2. Courageous, daring.

  3. (ux)

  4. (quote-book)|chapter=22

  5. 2005, (w), ''Sophist''. Translation by Lesley Brown. pagination|239c.

  6. It would be extraordinarily bold of me to give it a try after seeing what has happened to you.
  7. Visually striking; conspicuous.

  8. ''the painter's bold use of colour and outline''

  9. Having thicker strokes than the ordinary form of the typeface.

  10. Presumptuous, forward or impudent.

  11. (RQ:Hume Human Understanding).|part=I|page=18

  12. (..) even the boldeſt and moſt affirmative Philoſophy, which has ever attempted to impoſe its crude Dictates and Principles on Mankind.
  13. Naughty; insolent; badly-behaved.

  14. ''All of her children are terribly bold and never do as they are told.''

  15. Full-bodied.

  16. Pornographic; depicting nudity.

  17. Steep or abrupt.

  18. (quote-book)

  19. To make (a font or some text) bold.

  20. To make bold or daring.

  21. (RQ:Shakespeare Lear Q1)

  22. (..) for this buſines,
    It touches vs, as ''France'' inuades our land
    Not bolds the King, with others whome I feare,
    Moſt iuſt and heauy cauſes make oppoſe.
  23. To become bold.

  24. naked, nude

  25. pornographic

  26. ball

  27. house, dwelling, building

  28. pin