bed and breakfast

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bed and breakfast englannista suomeksi

  1. aamiaismajoitus, majatalo

  1. aamiaismajoitus, bed and breakfast

  2. Substantiivi

bed and breakfast englanniksi

  1. A private home, guesthouse,small hotel etc. where guests are provided overnight accommodations and served breakfast but usually no other meals.

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  3. A score of 26, made up of a score of 20, 1 and 5 in any order.

  4. (quote-journal) Bed ’n’ breakfast—the number 26 when scored by hitting a 20, 5, and 1; comes from the price of a bed and breakfast in Olde England which was 2/6d, two shillings and sixpence.

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  6. The number 26.

  7. (quote-book) 26 ― Bed and breakfast. Traditionally it would cost two and six – two shillings and six pence. Now its £180 a night but you get biscuits.

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