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barque englannista suomeksi

  1. parkkilaiva, parkki

  1. Substantiivi

  2. parkki

  3. pursi

  4. pursi, venho

barque englanniksi

  1. A sailing vessel of three or more masts, with all masts but the sternmost square-rigged, the sternmost being fore-and-aft-rigged

  2. 1873 (published 1889, 1996), William Campbell, ''An Account of Missionary Success in the Island of Formosa'', SMC Publishing Inc., page 279

  3. On being told, however, that the Norwegian barque ''Daphne'' was about to leave An-peng for Tamsui, I had my things taken on board, and we set sail a few hours later.
  4. any small sailing vessel

  5. a sailing vessel or boat of any kind

  6. 1922 (first published 1923-09-07), Stevens|Wallace Stevens, ''Fabliau of Florida'', from collection ''(poetry collection)|Harmonium'':

  7. Barque of phosphorOn the palmy beach…
  8. small boat