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apropos englannista suomeksi

  1. sopivasti, sopivaan aikaan

  2. muuten, a propos

  3. apropos

  1. sopiva, osuva, oleellinen

  2. a propos, puheen ollen

  3. a propos, muuten

  4. sopivasti

  5. Substantiivi

apropos englanniksi

  1. Of an appropriate or pertinent nature.

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  3. (quote-journal)|year=2008|month=December|volume=34|issue=12|issn=0279-0483|page=(gbooks)|passage=Served outside the shell and sliced in bite-sized pieces, it's as apropos for a first date as a business dinner.

  4. the way, incidental

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  6. Regarding or concerning.

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  8. By the way.

  9. Timely; at a good time.

  10. To the purpose; appropriately.

  11. aside

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