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aloft englannista suomeksi

  1. ylös ilmaan, korkealla

  2. ylös mastoon, ylhäällä mastossa

  3. yläilmakehässä

  4. korkealle

  1. ylhäällä, yläpuoli / yläpuolella

aloft englanniksi

  1. At, to, or in the air or sky.

  2. ''high winds aloft''

  3. Above, overhead, in a high place; up.

  4. (quote-text)|title=(w)|passage=Someone's turned the chest out alow and aloft.

  5. (quote-text)|title=(w)|passage=He noticed that he still held the knife aloft and brought his arm down, replacing the blade in the sheath.

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  7. In the top, at the masthead, or on the higher yards or rigging.

  8. (quote-text)|title=The Red Rover: A Tale|passage=I think you said something concerning the manner in which yonder ship has anchored, and of the condition they keep things alow and aloft?