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Roma englannista suomeksi

  1. romani

  2. Roma

  1. romanit

  2. Substantiivi

Roma englanniksi

  1. A nomadic people with origins in India, the Romani.

  2. A subgroup of the Romani people found primarily in Eastern Europe.

  3. A variety of the Romani language the Romani macrolanguage.

  4. A Romani; a member of the Roma/Romani people.

  5. Romani: of or pertaining to the Roma people.

  6. Any of a number of places, including a city in Texas and a city in Queensland.

  7. (given name) of English-speakers.

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  9. A variety of tomato.

  10. An Austronesian language of Indonesia.

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  14. Romans (gloss)

  15. Rome:

  16. the capital city of Italy.

  17. a former province of Lazio, Italy.

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  20. The Roman Empire ''se'' (as a synecdoche).

  21. Rome and/or Constantinople (the latter as "Nova Roma").

  22. The Catholic Church in general.

  23. Rome

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  25. Eſta ·xviiii· é como ſṫa maria aiudou · á emperadriz de roma · a ſofrer as grãdes coitaſ per que paſſou.
    : This 19th is how Holy Mary helped the empress of Rome suffer the great pains she underwent.
  26. c. 1200, Almerich, ''de Ultramar|Fazienda de Ultramar'', f. 79r.

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  28. the Church (gloss)

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