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Rome englannista suomeksi

  1. Rooma

  1. Rooma

  2. Rooma, Rooman valtakunta

  3. Vatikaani

  4. Vatikaani, Rooman kirkko">Rooman kirkko

  5. Rome

Rome englanniksi

  1. (place).

  2. (RQ:Shakespeare Julius Caesar)

  3. 1866 December 8, 'Filius Ecclesiæ', ''Notes & Queries'', "Rome:Room", 456 1:

  4. Within the last thirty weeks I have heard the word Rome pronounced ''Room'' by several old-fashioned people in the north of Ireland, some of my own relations among the number. On remonstrating with one of these, she said, "It was always ''Room'' when I was at school (say about 1830), and I am too old to change it now."
  5. The Italian government.

  6. (quote-book)

  7. Ancient Rome; the former Empire; Roman civilization.

  8. (RQ:Shakespeare Titus)

  9. (RQ:Pope Essay on Criticism)

  10. (RQ:Byron Marino Faliero)

  11. The See, the leadership of the Catholic Church, particularly to the establishment of the City in the 19th century.

  12. 1537 January 26, T. Starkey, letter:

  13. The wych you perauenture wyl impute to thys defectyon from Rome.
  14. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 6-1)

  15. The of Rome, the Catholic Church generally.

  16. (RQ:Shakespeare King John)

  17. (place):

  18. (syn) (q)

  19. (surname).

  20. (place)

  21. Rome (gloss)

  22. (l)

  23. (monikko) it|Roma

  24. ''le due Rome'', the two Romes

  25. (RQ:Peterborough Chronicle)

  26. (RQ:Chaucer Workes)|translation=But now I've been sent almost 500,000 paces from the city of Rome; I am without defence, sentenced to exile and death.

  27. (RQ:Chaucer Workes)|translation=There was never a king in Rome after that day, and she was seen there(..)

  28. The Empire.