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L englannista suomeksi

  1. L

  1. Substantiivi

L englanniksi

  1. W

  2. l

  1. The twelfth letter of the script|basic modern Latin alphabet.

  2. numeral fifty (50)

  3. (cln) the fiftieth (50th)

  4. liter, litre.

  5. leucine

  6. universe|Constructible universe

  7. (complexity)|Deterministic logarithmic space

  8. inductance

  9. lambert

  10. low tone

  11. A wildcard for a lateral or liquid consonant

  12. position of the larynx (modified for raised, lowered)

  13. large (gl)

  14. (Latn-def)

  15. The statistic for the number of losses by a team or player limited by some criteria (e.g. this season, at home, on turf).

  16. (alternative spelling of)

  17. 1925 February 21, "Co-operation" (cartoon), The New Yorker|''The New Yorker'', page 2,

  19. (abbr of)

  20. (init of)

  21. (init of) (gl).

  22. (abbr of)

  23. ''an L variety''

  24. Subpar, of inferior quality.

  25. (ant)

  26. The sixteenth letter in the Afar alphabet.

  27. (Latn-def-lite)

  28. L

  29. (ngd)

  30. (alt form)

  31. litre

  32. (n-g)

  33. The twelfth letter of the Dutch alphabet.

  34. (abbreviation of)

  35. The twelfth letter of the German alphabet.

  36. (Latn-def)

  37. The 13th letter of the (w). Preceded by K and followed by M.

  38. The seventeenth letter of the Somali alphabet, which follows Arabic abjad order. It is preceded by K and followed by M.

  39. the 12th letter of the Spanish alphabet

  40. (Latn-def) ''It is preceded by (l) and followed by (l).''