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  1. Aasia

  1. Aasia

Asia englanniksi

  1. business

  2. cause

  3. thing

  4. item

  5. head

  6. errand

  7. case

  8. matter

  9. concern

  10. issue

  1. (senseid) A continent located east of Europe (typically delimited by the Urals), west of the Ocean, north of Oceania and south of the Ocean.

  2. A daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, the wife of the Titan, Iapetus, and mother of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus and Menoetius.

  3. (w), a main belt asteroid.

  4. (given name).

  5. 1994 Nelson|Blake Nelson, ''Girl: A Novel'', Simon&Schuster, (ISBN), page 81

  6. And Scott Haskell started going out with this sophomore girl called Asia, who was this rich girl from Weston Heights.
  7. A province of the Roman Empire located in what is now western Turkey.

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  10. (given name)

  11. (l) (Roman province)

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