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  1. Akilles, Akhilleus

  1. Akhilleus, Akilles

Achilles englanniksi

  1. A mythical semidivine hero, the son of Peleus by the nereid Thetis, and prince of the Myrmidons, who features in the ''Iliad'' as a central character and the foremost warrior of the Achaean (Greek) camp.

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  3. As we saw in the preceding chapter, Statius in the ''Achilleid'' revises the Ovidian account of Achilles′ rape of Deidamia.
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  5. In the last third of the Iliad, Achilles’ beloved companion, Patroklos, and his bitter enemy, Hektor, die wearing Achilles’ armor, their deaths prefiguring Achilles’ own.
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  7. ''Iliad'' 1, in Maximus' interpretation, exemplifies a 'love contest' between an abusive and obsessive Agamemnon and a 'gentle and emotional' (ἥμερος καί ἐμπαθής) Achilles;(..).
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