1. olento, olio

  2. luontokappale

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olio, otus, olento


käskyläinen puhekieltä A created thing, whether animate or inanimate; a creation.
1633, (w), "Sapho to Philænis":

Thoughts, my mindes creatures, often are with thee, / But I, their maker, want their libertie.
1646, (w), Pseudodoxia Epidemica, I.10:
the natural truth of God is an artificial erection of Man, and the Creator himself but a subtile invention of the Creature.
A living being; an animal or human.


A being subservient to or dependent upon another.
1988, James McPherson, Battle Cry for Freedom, Oxford 2003, p. 240:
they, too, despite the appearance of being creatures rather than creators of the Union, could assert the prior sovereignty of their states, for each had formed a state constitution … before petitioning Congress for admission to the Union.
(monikko) creatura|lang=it
(inflection of)
(l); being; entity


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