1. tähtitiede|k=en tähdistö; tähtikuvio



  1. suunnitelma, redundanssi, topologia, verkostotopologia, verkkotopologia, muuntaminen, konfiguraatio, asetelma, Andromeda, tähtikuvio, tähdistö.

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tähtikuvio, tähdistö


An asterism, an arbitrary formation of stars perceived as a figure or pattern.
An image associated with a group of stars.
puhekieltä Any of the 88 officially recognized regions of the sky, including all stars and celestial bodies in the region.
1824, Astronomical Recreations; or, Sketches of the Relative Position and Mythological History of the Constellations, Philadelphia, p. 78:
Harpa Georgii, or the Harp of George, is a new constellation introduced on the maps by one of the German astronomers, in honour of the late king of England, George III.
puhekieltä The configuration of planets at a given time (notably of birth), as used for determining a horoscope.
puhekieltä A wide, seemingly unlimited assortment.
A constellation of possibilities.
{{quote-book|year=2006|author=w:Edwin Black|Edwin Black
puhekieltä A fleet of satellites of the same purpose (gloss).
A configuration or grouping.
Your computer's software constellation helps you do your work faster.
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