1. viileä, kylmä

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  1. kylmyys, kylmä, alhainen lämpötila, viileys, jääkylmyys, hyytävyys, epäilys, paha aavistus, pelko, levottomuus, pelokkuus, aavistus, kauhu, synkkä aavistus, muuttaa, kääntyä, muuttua, viiletä, kylmetä, jäähtyä, viilentyä, kylmentyä, viilentää, kylmentää, jäähdyttää.

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lannistaa A moderate, but uncomfortable and penetrating coldness.


A sudden penetrating sense of cold, especially one that causes a brief trembling nerve response through the body; the trembling response itself; often associated with illness: fevers and chills, or susceptibility to illness.
An uncomfortable and numbing sense of fear, dread, anxiety, or alarm, often one that is sudden and usually accompanied by a trembling nerve response resembling the body's response to biting cold.
An iron mould or portion of a mould, serving to cool rapidly, and so to harden, the surface of molten iron brought in contact with it.


The hardened part of a casting, such as the tread of a carriage wheel.
Moderately cold or chilly.

A chill wind was blowing down the street.

Noisome winds, and blasting vapours chill.
puhekieltä calm Calm, relaxed, easygoing. See also: chill out.

The teacher is really chill and doesnt care if you use your phone during class.''

Paint-your-own ceramics studios are a chill way to express yourself while learning more about your dates right brain.''

puhekieltä "cool Cool"; meeting a certain hip standard or garnering the approval of a certain peer group.

That new movie was chill, man.

puhekieltä OKAdjective Okay, not a problem.

"Sorry about that." "Its chill."''

puhekieltä To lower the temperature of something; to cool.

Chill before serving.

puhekieltä To harden a metal surface by sudden cooling.
puhekieltä To become cold.

In the wind he chilled quickly.

puhekieltä To become hard by rapid cooling.
puhekieltä To relax, lie back.

Chill, man, weve got a whole week to do it; no sense in getting worked up.''

The new gym teacher really has to chill or hes gonna blow a gasket.''

puhekieltä To "hang", hang out; to spend time with another person or group. Also chill out.

Hey, we should chill this weekend.

puhekieltä To smoke marijuana.

On Friday night do you wanna chill?

puhekieltä To discourage or depress.

Censorship chills public discourse.

(ga-lenition of)
I will.
puhekieltä cool

''Det er chill.

That's cool.

(form of)


  • chillaa: esiintyä / olla kaunis

  • chillaa: olla / hengailla / ottaa rennosti


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