1. Yhdysvalloissa maataloustuotteiden yhteydessä käytetty tilavuusmitta, vastaa noin 35 litraa



  1. brittiläinen tilavuusyksikkö, Yhdysvaltojen kuivayksikkö, busheli.

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remontoida A dry measure, containing four pecks, eight gallons, or thirty-two quarts.

The Winchester bushel, formerly used in England, contained 2,150.42 cubic inches (35.24 L), being the volume of a cylinder (frac) inches (470 mm) in internal diameter and 8 inches (200 mm) in depth. The standard bushel measures, prepared by the United States Government and distributed to the States, hold each 77.6274 pounds (35.2 kg) of distilled water, at 39.8 °F (4.3 °C) and 30 inches of mercury (100 kPa), being the equivalent of the Winchester bushel. The imperial bushel now in use in England is larger than the Winchester bushel, containing 2,218.2 cubic inches (36.35 L), or 80 pounds (36 kg) of water at 62 °F (17 °C).

1882, James Edwin Thorold Rogers, A History of Agriculture and Prices in England, Volume 4, p. 207:
The quarter, bushel, and peck are nearly universal measures of corn.
A vessel of the capacity of a bushel, used in measuring; a bushel measure.
1526, William Tyndale, trans. Bible, Mark IV:
And he sayde unto them: is the candle lighted, to be put under a busshell, or under the borde: ys it not therfore lighted that it shulde be put on a candelsticke?
A quantity that fills a bushel measure

a heap containing ten bushels of apples

In the United States a large number of articles, bought and sold by the bushel, are measured by weighing, the number of pounds that make a bushel being determined by State law or by local custom. For some articles, as apples, potatoes, etc., heaped measure is required in measuring a bushel.

puhekieltä A large indefinite quantity.
puhekieltä The iron lining in the nave of a wheel. In the United States it is called a box.
puhekieltä To mend or repair clothes.
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