1. kaari

  2. (ase) jousi, jousipyssy

  3. musiikki|k=en jousi (soittoväline)

  4. rusetti, solmuke

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  1. jousi, keula, kokka, etuosa, rusetti, koriste, somiste, koristus, ornamentti, koriste-esine, viulunjousi, etupuoli, risu, tikku, oksa.

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A weapon made of a curved piece of wood or other flexible material whose ends are connected by a string, used for shooting arrows.
A curved bend in a rod or planar surface, or in a linear formation such as a river (see oxbow).
A rod with horsehair (or an artificial substitute) stretched between the ends, used for playing various stringed musical instruments.
A stringed instrument (chordophone), consisting of a stick with a single taut cord stretched between the ends, most often played by plucking.
A type of knot with two loops, used to tie together two cords such as shoelaces or apron strings, and frequently used as decoration, such as in gift-wrapping.
Anything bent or curved, such as a rainbow.
Bible, Genesis ix. 13
I do set my bow in the cloud.
The U-shaped piece which goes around the neck of an ox and fastens it to the yoke.
Any instrument consisting of an elastic rod, with ends connected by a string, employed for giving reciprocating motion to a drill, or for preparing and arranging hair, fur, etc., used by hatters.
puhekieltä A crude sort of quadrant formerly used for taking the sun's altitude at sea.
puhekieltä Two pieces of wood which form the arched forward part of a saddletree.
To play music on (a stringed instrument) using a bow.

The musician bowed his violin expertly.

puhekieltä To become bent or curved.

The shelf bowed under the weight of the books.

puhekieltä To make something bend or curve.
We bow things the contrary way, to make them come to their natural straightness.
The whole nation bowed their necks to the worst kind of tyranny.
puhekieltä To exercise powerful or controlling influence over; to bend, figuratively; to turn; to incline.
Francis Bacon
Adversities do more bow men's minds to religion.
not to bow and bias their opinions
puhekieltä To premiere.

Cronenberg’s "Cosmopolis" bows in Cannes this week.

puhekieltä To bend oneself as a gesture of respect or deference.
1900, (w), (w)
The soldier now blew upon a green whistle, and at once a young girl, dressed in a pretty green silk gown, entered the room. She had lovely green hair and green eyes, and she bowed low before Dorothy as she said, "Follow me and I will show you your room."


puhekieltä To debut.
2010 (publication date), Kara Krekeler, "Rebuilding the opera house", West End Word, volume 39, number 26, December 22, 2010 – January 11, 2011, page 1:
SCP recently announced that How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical will bow on the newly renovated stage next December.
puhekieltä To defer (to something).
A gesture, usually showing respect, made by inclining the head or bending forward at the waist; a reverence

He made a polite bow as he entered the room.

puhekieltä The front of a boat or ship.
{{quote-book|year=1907|author=w:Harold Edward Bindloss|Harold Bindloss


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