1. tylppä, tylsä

  2. suorasukainen

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  1. ehdoton, alaston, karu, suora, suorasukainen, avoin, mutkaton, suorapuheinen, kursailematon, muuttaa, vaimentaa, tylsistää, latistaa.

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Having a thick edge or point; not sharp.
(w) (c.1564–1616)
The murderous knife was dull and blunt.
Dull in understanding; slow of discernment; opposed to acute.
His wits are not so blunt.
Abrupt in address; plain; unceremonious; wanting the forms of civility; rough in manners or speech.

the blunt admission that he had never liked my company

a plain, blunt man
Hard to impress or penetrate.
(w) (1688-1744)
I find my heart hardened and blunt to new impressions.
Slow or deficient in feeling: insensitive.
A fencer's practice foil with a soft tip.
A short needle with a strong point.
puhekieltä A marijuana cigar.
2005: to make his point, lead rapper B-Real fired up a blunt in front of the cameras and several hundred thousand people and announced, “I'm taking a hit for every one of y'all!” — Martin Torgoff, Cant Find My Way Home'' (Simon & Schuster 2005, p. 461)
puhekieltä money
Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers
Down he goes to the Commons, to see the lawyer and draw the blunt(..)
A playboating move resembling a cartwheel performed on a wave.
To dull the edge or point of, by making it thicker; to make blunt.
puhekieltä To repress or weaken; to impair the force, keenness, or susceptibility, of

It blunted my appetite.

My feeling towards her have been blunted.

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