1. matkatavarat

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All 'baggage' is subject to inspection by the airport security staff.

: Kaikki 'matkatavarat' on annettava lentokentän turvallisuushenkilöstölle tarkastettavaksi.

piece of 'baggage'

: yksi matkalaukku tms.



  1. matkakassi, matkalaukku, matkatavarat, kuormasto, kotelo, laukku, lipas, nesessääri, toalettilaukku, kalusto, varusteet, arsenaali.

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taakka, painolasti



puhekieltä luggage Luggage; traveling equipment

Please put your baggage in the trunk.

{{quote-book|year=1929|author=Charles Georges Souli|title=Eastern Shame Girl|chapter=|edition=|url=
{{quote-journal|date=September 20, 1991|author=Jonathan Rosenbaum|title=Love Films: A Cassavetes Retrospective|work=Chicago Reader|url=
(quote-journal)|date=21 August 2014|passage=The audacious hijacking in Paris of a van carrying the baggage of a Saudi prince to his private jet is obviously an embarrassment to the French capital, whose ultra-high-end boutiques have suffered a spate of heists in recent months.
puhekieltä Factors, especially psychological ones, which interfere with a person's ability to function effectively.

This person has got a lot of emotional baggage.

{{quote-book|year=1846|author=Henry Francis Cary|title=Lives of the English Poets|chapter=|edition=|url=
puhekieltä A woman.
{{quote-book|year=1828|author=Various|title=The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol. 10, No. 288|chapter=|edition=|url=
{{quote-book|year=1897|author=Charles Whibley|title=A Book of Scoundrels|chapter=|edition=|url=
{{quote-book|year=1910|author=Gertrude Hall|title=Chantecler|chapter=|edition=|url=
puhekieltä An army's portable equipment; its baggage train.
{{quote-book|year=1865|author=Thomas Carlyle|title=History of Friedrich II of Prussia|chapter=|edition=|url=
2007, Norman Davies, No Simple Victory: World War II in Europe, 1939–1945, New York: Penguin, p 305:
In Poland, for example, the unknown Bolesław Bierut, who appeared in 1944 in the baggage of the Red Army, and who played a prominent role as a ‘non-party figure’ in the Lublin Committee, turned out to be a Soviet employee formerly working for the Comintern.


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