1. kulma-

  2. kulmikas



  1. terävä, nelikulmainen, neliömäinen, neliö-, kulma-, kulmikas, kaksilehtinen, kaksipurjeinen.

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kulma-, kulmikas Relating or pertaining to an angle or angles
Having an angle or angles; forming an angle or corner
sharp-cornered; pointed


In overall appearance, katakana symbols are more angular in shape and hiragana are more rounded. Here are the first five sounds of each script (a, i, u, e, o). Compare these two sets of symbols and see if you can identify these features:Hiragana  あ い う え おKatakana ア イ ウ エ オ
Measured by an angle; as in, angular distance.
lean Lean, lank.
ungraceful Ungraceful; lacking grace.
puhekieltä sharp Sharp and stiff in character

Hes remarkably angular in his habits and appearance.

''She is an angular female.

puhekieltä Composed of three or more rings attached to a single carbon atom (the rings not all being in the same plane)
puhekieltä A bone in the base of the lower jaw of many birds, reptiles, and fishes.
puhekieltä (l) (gloss)
(l) (gloss)
to (l) so it forms an (l)


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