1. Eräänlainen teltta



  1. intiaaniteltta.

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intiaaniteltta, wigwam A dwelling having an arched framework overlaid with bark, hides, or mats, used by Native Americans in the northeastern United States.
puhekieltä Any more or less similar dwelling used by indigenous people in other parts of the world.
1813, John Gabriel Stedman, Narrative, of a five years expedition, against the revolted...'', volume 1, page 403:

Their houses or wigwams, which they call carbets, are built as I have already described those of the negroes; but instead of being covered with the leaves of the manicole-tree, they are covered with the leaves of rattans or jointed canes, here called tas, (..)
1845 edition, Charles Darwin, Journal and Remarks (The Voyage of the Beagle):
The Fuegian wigwam resembles, in size and dimensions, a haycock. It merely consists of a few broken branches stuck in the ground, and very imperfectly thatched on one side with a few tufts of grass and rushes.
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