1. kaukalo, purtilo; juottoallas

  2. kuva parvekelaatikko, pitkänomainen kukkalaatikko tms. allas tai astia

  3. maantiede U-laakso

  4. merenkulku aallonpohja

  5. (meteorologia) pitkulainen matalapaineen alue

  6. (kanadanenglannissa) kouru, räystäskouru

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glacial trough



  1. kaukalo, syöttökaukalo, kanava, laskukouru, ränni, kouru, kuurna, kattokouru, räystäskouru, sadevesikouru, seimi.

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kassa A long, narrow container, open on top, for feeding or watering animals.

One of Hanks chores was to slop the pigs' trough each morning and evening.''

Any similarly shaped container.
puhekieltä A rectangular container used for washing or rinsing clothing clothes.

Ernest threw his paint brushes into a kind of trough he had fashioned from sheet metal that he kept in the sink.

A short, narrow canal designed to hold water until it drains or evaporates.

There was a small trough that the sump pump emptied into; it was filled with mosquito larvae.

puhekieltä A gutter under the eaves of a building; an eaves trough.

The troughs were filled with leaves and needed clearing.

puhekieltä A channel for conveying water or other farm liquids (such as milk) from place to place by gravity; any ‘U’ or ‘V’ cross-sectioned irrigation channel.
A long, narrow depression between waves or ridges; the low portion of a wave cycle.

The buoy bobbed between the crests and troughs of the waves moving across the bay.

The neurologist pointed to a troubling trough in the pattern of his brain-waves.

puhekieltä A linear atmospheric depression associated with a weather front.
To eat in a vulgar style, as if from a trough.

he troughed his way through three meat pies.


  • "Strength trough Unity, Unity through Faith."

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trotskilainen, trotskilaisuus, trotskismi, trotyyli, trubaduuri, trubaduurirunous

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