1. surullinen


englanti puhekieltä trust Trust, faith.
puhekieltä To trust, have faith in.
puhekieltä A set station in hunting.
(RQ:Mlry MArthrP2):
So at that time there was a lady dwelt in that forest, and she was a great huntress, and daily she used to hunt, and ever she bare her bow with her; and no men went never with her, but always women, and they were shooters, and could well kill a deer, both at the stalk and at the trest;(nb..).
(RQ:Mlry MrtDrthr):
: So at that tyme there was a lady dwellid in that forest / and she was a grete huntresse / & dayly she vsed to hunte / and euer she bare her bowe with her / and no men wente neuer with her / but alwayes wymmen / and they were shoters / and coude wel kylle a dere bothe at the stalke & at the trest
puhekieltä (secret meeting).
Letter dated September 1543
George Douglas caused a trist to be set between him and the cardinal and four lords; at the which trist he and the cardinal agreed finally.
puhekieltä sad; sorrowful; gloomy


sad, unhappy
puhekieltä (l)
bad, wicked, evil, malevolent
(qualifier) (l)
puhekieltä sad
puhekieltä thirty
not funny, bad, a pity,...

Det var trist att höra att din kanin dött

I’m sorry to hear that your bunny died


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