1. luonteenpiirre

  2. (mikrobiologia) kanta



  1. ominaispiirre, ominaisuus, attribuutti, luonteenpiirre, luonne, luonto, pakkomielteisyys.

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luonteenpiirre an identifying characteristic, habit or trend

The number one personality trait I hate is hypocrisy. Why cant you be consistent!?''

puhekieltä In object-oriented programming, an uninstantiable collection of methods that provides functionality to a class by using the class’s own interface.

Traits are somewhat between an interface and a mixin, as an interface contains only method signatures, while a trait includes also the full method definitions, on the other side mixins include method definitions, but they can also carry state through attributes, while traits usually dont.''

English trait
color of a mineral
puhekieltä the action of hauling or pulling (by an animal of burden)
puhekieltä straps or cords placed on an animal of burden and attached to the vehicle which the animal pulls
puhekieltä an action reflecting a favorable or adverse intention by one person toward another
a remarkable or influential historical event
a particular passage in a speech that is well-written; an excellent or appealing characteristic of a speech
a vibrant, brilliant, or innovative idea
puhekieltä verses sung in a Mass between the gradual and the gospel reading
connection or link between one thing and another
puhekieltä color of the dust produced by a mineral
puhekieltä the privilege of taking the first turn/move
puhekieltä English trait
(inflection of)
(past participle of)


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