1. jano



  1. halu, himo, nälkä, jano, pakottava tarve, vietti, dehydraatio, polydipsia, vesijuoppous, haluta hartaasti, kaivata, janota, kaivata kiihkeästi, himoita, haluta kovasti, isota, haluta, tahtoa, mieliä.

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olla janoinen


jano A sensation of dryness in the throat associated with a craving for liquids, produced by deprivation of drink, or by some other cause (as fear, excitement, etc.) which arrests the secretion of the pharyngeal mucous membrane; hence, the condition producing this sensation.
1918, (w), w:The Land That Time Forgot (novel)|The Land That Time Forgot Chapter IV

"We haven't one chance for life in a hundred thousand if we don't find food and water upon Caprona. This water coming out of the cliff is not salt; but neither is it fit to drink, though each of us has drunk. It is fair to assume that inland the river is fed by pure streams, that there are fruits and herbs and game. Shall we lie out here and die of thirst and starvation with a land of plenty possibly only a few hundred yards away? We have the means for navigating a subterranean river. Are we too cowardly to utilize this means?"
puhekieltä A want and eager desire (for something); a craving or longing.

a thirst for gold

To be thirsty.
Bible, Exodus xvii. 3
The people thirsted there for water.
To desire.
Bible, Psalms xlii. 2
My soul thirsteth for (..) the living God.

I thirst for knowledge and education will sate me.


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