1. muisti, muistaminen, palauttaminen mieleen

  2. takaisinkutsu, kutsu korjattavaksi

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  1. pyyntö, palautuspyyntö, muistaa, palauttaa mieleensä, muistella, tuoda mieleen, tunnistaa, tuntea, muistuttaa, parantaa, verestää, petrata, kerrata.

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palauttaa ajatuksistaan puhekieltä To withdraw, retract (one's words etc.); to revoke (an order). (defdate)
puhekieltä To call back, bring back or summon (someone) to a specific place, station etc. (defdate)

He was recalled to service after his retirement.

She was recalled to London for the trial.

puhekieltä To bring back (someone) (m) or (m) a particular mental or physical state, activity etc. (defdate)
puhekieltä To call back (a situation, event etc.) to one's mind; to remember, recollect. (defdate)
1994, Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom, Abacus 2010, p. 10:
In fact, I hardly recall any occasion as a child when I was alone.
puhekieltä To call again, to call another time. (defdate)
puhekieltä To request or order the return of (a faulty product). (defdate)
The action or fact of calling someone or something back.
Request of the return of a faulty product
The right or procedure by which a public official may be removed from office before the end of his/her term of office, by a vote of the people to be taken on the filing of a petition signed by a required number or percentage of qualified voters.
The right or procedure by which the decision of a court may be directly reversed or annulled by popular vote, as was advocated, in 1912, in the platform of the Progressive party for certain cases involving the police power of the state.
memory Memory; the ability to remember.
puhekieltä the fraction of (all) relevant material that is returned by a search
(l) (gloss)


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