1. alaston

  2. paljas

  3. ihonvärinen

  4. nudisti-

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  1. riisuutunut, paljas, alaston, naku, alasti, kelteisillään, henkilö, ihminen, henki, alastonkuva, alastonmaalaus, alastonveistos, alastonpatsas, maalaus, kuva, patsas, veistos, kuvapatsas, alastonmalli, alaston henkilö.

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Without clothing or other covering of the skin; without clothing on the genitals or female nipples.

Why do you act so prudish whenever you see nude people?

puhekieltä Of a color (such as beige or tan) that evokes bare flesh.
2007, Brenda Janowitz, Scot On The Rocks (ISBN 1426800568), page 113:
Vanessa always wore the same color on both her hands and feet—Hitchcock Blonde—a barely-there nude color with a dash of pink that was only two shades away from clear topcoat. It was the sort of thing you would imagine Grace Kelly in (..)
2010, Raquel Welch, Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage (ISBN 160286117X), page 143:
It gave me a lovely, natural, but juicy color. To correct the shape of my mouth, I lined my lips with a nude color like MAC's Spice mixed with Mochaberry Automatic Lip Liner, blending the liner very carefully to make sure there was no hard edge.
2012, Dilvin Yasa, Things My Daughter Needs to Know (ISBN 1743348371):
Do not, under any circumstances (even if grunge is back in), wear a white or black bra under light-coloured clothing – only a nude bra will do.
2016 June 2, "Company releases nude chest binder line for different skin tones", in the Washington Blade
A painting, sculpture, photograph or other artwork or mass-media-reproduced image depicting one or more human figure(s) in a state of near or total undress.

Michelangelos David is a well-known standing male nude; Michelangelo also created several other nudes.''

Lexa sent me a nude last week.

puhekieltä The state of total nudity.

she caught him in the nude

(feminine plural of)
(inflection of)
puhekieltä a (l) of a (l) person
Feminine plural form of (l)
Neuter plural form of (l)


  • nudisti : Hei tää on varmaan se nude-rantsu..,.

  • alaston : Pari nudee löhös siin partsilla.


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