1. moduuli

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  1. kasetti, patruuna, komentomoduuli, osatekijä, aineosa, elementti, rakenneosa, komponentti, tietokonepiiri, moduuli.

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moduuli A self-contained component of a system, often interchangeable, which has a well-defined interface to the other components.
puhekieltä A standard unit of measure used for determining the proportions of a building.
puhekieltä A section of a program; a subroutine or group of subroutines.
2001, Phil Jones, Visual Basic: A Complete Course (page 254)

Class modules are similar to form modules except they do not have a visible interface (GUI).
A unit of education covering a single topic.

Which modules are you studying next year?

A pre-prepared adventure scenario with related materials for a role-playing game.
2011, Michael J. Tresca, The Evolution of Fantasy Role-Playing Games (page 81)
Dragonborn (..) first appeared in the Dragons of Despair module (1984) for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as “dragonmen.”
puhekieltä An abelian group.

K-module, '''' over K''

puhekieltä An algebraic structure which behaves just like a vector space over a field F, except that F is replaced by K, a commutative ring with unit.

Any module extends easily into a \mathbb{Z}-module.

puhekieltä A fractal element.
puhekieltä A file containing a music sequence that can be played in a tracker (called also mod or music module).
puhekieltä A contrivance for regulating the supply of water from an irrigation channel.
puhekieltä An independent self-contained unit of a spacecraft.
moduleEnglish module
(inflection of)
(es-verb form of)


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