1. määräysvalta

  2. mestaruus

  3. hallinta



  1. herruus, ylivalta, alistaminen, taitavuus, osaaminen, hallinta, taito, ylittäminen, transkendenssi, tuonpuoleinen, tuonpuoleisuus, valta-asema, vaikutusvalta, käskyvalta, valta, ylivaltius, erityisosaaminen.

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taito The position or authority of a master; dominion; command; supremacy; superiority.
Sir (w) (ca.1554-1618)

If divided by mountains, they will fight for the mastery of the passages of the tops.
Superiority in war or competition; victory; triumph; preeminence.
(w), xxxii. 18
The voice of them that shout for mastery.
(w), ix. 25.
Every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things.
(w) (1572-1637)
O, but to have gulled him / Had been a mastery.
puhekieltä contest Contest for superiority.


puhekieltä A masterly operation; a feat.
(w) (c.1343-1400)
I will do a maistrie ere I go.
puhekieltä The philosopher's stone.
The act or process of mastering; the state of having mastered; expertise.
(w) (1630-1694)
He could attain to a mastery in all languages.
(w) (1632-1705)
The learning and mastery of a tongue, being unpleasant in itself, should not be cumbered with other difficulties.


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