1. toimeentulo



  1. resurssit, tuki, elatus, toimeentulo, elanto, jokapäiväinen leipä, ylläpito, mukavuudet, elämän mukavuudet, leiväntuoja, hengissä pysyminen, olemassaolo.

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toimeentulo puhekieltä The course of someone's life; a person's lifetime, or their manner of living; conduct, behaviour. (defdate)
(RQ:Mlry MrtDrthr):

wel said Merlyn I knowe a lord of yours in this land that is a passyng true man & a feithful / & he shal haue the nourysshyng of your child / & his name is sir Ector / & he is a lord of fair lyuelode in many partyes in Englond & walys
A person's means of supporting themself. (defdate)
1596, (w), The Faerie Queene, V.4:
But now, when Philtra saw my lands decay / And former livelod fayle, she left me quight(nb..).
the opportunities of gaining an honest livelihood
It is their profession and livelihood to get their living by practices for which they deserve to forfeit their lives.
2013, Matthew Claughton, The Guardian, (letter), 25 April:
The legal profession believes that client choice is the best way of ensuring standards remain high, because a lawyer's livelihood depends upon their reputation.
puhekieltä property Property which brings in an income; an estate. (defdate)
1526, (w), trans. Bible, Acts V:
Then sayde Peter: Ananias how is it that satan hath fillen thyne hert, thatt thou shuldest lye unto the holy goost, and kepe awaye parte off the pryce off thy lyvelod(nb..)?
puhekieltä liveliness Liveliness; appearance of life.



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