1. salamanvälähdys

  2. salama

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  1. leimahdus, salama, elosalama, kalevantulet, pintasalama, viivasalama, salamanisku, ilmakehän sähkö, ilmasähkö.

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A flash of light produced by short-duration, high-voltage discharge of electricity within a cloud, between clouds, or between a cloud and the earth.

Although we did not see the lightning, we did hear the thunder.

Bible (King James Version), Job 38:35
Canst thou send lightnings, that they may go, and say unto thee, Here we are?
1901, E. L. Morris, The Childs Eden'', page 16:
It was the thought of hot July and August days, when the clouds piled up like woolly mountains, and lightnings streaked the sky.
A discharge of this kind.

The lightning was hot enough to melt the sand.

That tree was hit by lightning.

1881, Daniel Pierce Thompson, The Green Mountain Boys, page 281:
The rain at length ceased; and the lightnings, as they played along the black parapet of clouds, that lay piled in the east, shone with less dazzling fierceness, (..)
puhekieltä Anything that moves very fast.
1918, (w), w:The Land That Time Forgot (novel)|The Land That Time Forgot, chapter V:
Nobs, though, was lightning by comparison with the slow thinking beast and dodged his opponent's thrust with ease. Then he raced to the rear of the tremendous thing and seized it by the tail.
The act of making bright, or the state of being made bright; enlightenment; brightening, as of the mental powers.


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