1. johtaja

  2. (UK) pääkirjoitus

  3. (kalastus) peruke

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He hopes to be one of the new 'leaders' in Europe, savior of the European Union, and to be appreciated as such. (newyorker.com)

religious leader uskonnollinen johtaja

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  1. henkilö, ihminen, henki, vetonaula, tarjoustavara, erikoisartikkeli, hengellinen johtaja, johtaja, päällikkö, aristokraatti, ylimys, siniverinen, patriisi, kellokas, suunnannäyttäjä.

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johtaja, päällikkö

vetonaula Any person that leadVerb leads or directs.
One who goes first.

Follow the leader.

One having authority to direct.

We elected her team leader.

One who leads a political party or group of elected party members; sometimes used in titles.


A person or organization that leads in a certain field in terms of excellence, success, etc.

The company is the leader in home remodeling in the county.

puhekieltä A performer who leads a band, choir, or a section of an orchestra.
puhekieltä The first violin in a symphony orchestra; the concertmaster.
An animal that leads.
The dominant animal in a pack of animals, such as wolves or lions.
An animal placed in advance of others, especially on a team of horse, oxen, or dogs.
Something that leads or conducts.
puhekieltä A fast-growing terminal shoot of a woody plant.
A pipe for conducting rain water from a roof to a cistern or to the ground.
puhekieltä The first, or the principal, editorial article in a newspaper; a leading or main editorial article; a lead story.
puhekieltä A section of line between the main fishing line and the snell of a hook, intended to be more resistant to bites and harder for a fish to detect than the main fishing line.
A piece of material at the beginning or end of a reelNoun reel or rollNoun roll to allow the material to the threaded or fed onto something, as a reel of film onto a projector or a roll of paper onto a rotary printing press.
puhekieltä A loss leader or a popular product sold at a normal price.
puhekieltä A type having a dot or short row of dots upon its face.
puhekieltä A row of dots, periods, or hyphens, used in tables of contents, etc., to lead the eye across a space to the right word or number.
puhekieltä A net for leading fish into a pound, weir, etc.
puhekieltä A branch or small vein, not important in itself, but indicating the proximity of a better one.
puhekieltä A block of hard wood pierced with suitable holes for leading ropes in their proper places.
puhekieltä The drive wheel in any kind of machinery.
puhekieltä The path taken by electrons from a cloud to ground level, determining the shape of a bolt of lightning.
English leader
English leader (chief; one in front)


  • "Sveitsi on maa monien muiden joukossa, joskus on ongelmia yhden kanssa, joskus toisen."

  • "Hän on voimakas persoona. Enemmän mies kuin nainen."


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