1. tahallinen, harkittu, tarkoitettu



  1. kiintynyt, sitoutunut, kihlattu, aiottu, tarkoitettu, motivoitunut, harkittu, tahallinen, tarkoituksellisuus, intentionaalisuus.

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aiottu, tarkoitettu

kihlattu planned Planned.
2002, United States General Accounting Office, Report to congressional committees: Foreign assistance read at on 14 May 2006 - Funds were spent for intended purposes and not misused.
puhekieltä Made tense; stretched out; extended; forcible; violent.


fiancé Fiancé or fiancée.
1899, w:Joseph Conrad|Joseph Conrad, s:Heart of Darkness|Heart of Darkness, s: Heart of Darkness/Section III|section 3
His mother had died lately, watched over, as I was told, by his Intended.
2005, Mori, on In Passing messageboard read at on 16 May 2006, Pffft - We both hated using that word fiancé, and were constantly trying to use alternatives such as "betrothed" and "intended"
(en-past of)
1917, Joseph Conrad, Victory read at on 14 May 2006 - His purpose was to discover how long these guests intended to stay.


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intellektuelli, intelligenssi, intelligentsija, intelligentti, intendentti, intendentuuri


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