1. kirjonta, koruommel, ompelupisto.

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inhottava, iljettävä, ällöttävä, vastenmielinen

karkea, rahvaanomainen

valtava, suunnaton, lihava

vakava, törkeä

brutto-, kokonais-, nimellis-

tympeä, inha


bruttotulo, bruttoansio, bruttomyynti, bruttomäärä

suurin osa, enemmistö

puhekieltä disgusting Disgusting, nasty.
coarse Coarse, rude, vulgar, obscene, or impure.
1777, (w), (w), Act I, Scene 1,
Verjuice. She certainly has Talents.
Lady Sneerwell. But her manner is gross.
1874: Dodsley et al., A Select Collection of Old English Plays
But man to know God is a difficulty, except by a mean he himself inure, which is to know God’s creatures that be: at first them that be of the grossest nature, and then ... them that be more pure.
coarse Coarse, unrefined.
1944, (w), (w), “Lorenzo Was Registered,”
He scorned my wholesome kennel fare, toothing out dainties and leaving the grosser portions to be finished by the other dogs.
great Great, large, bulky, or fat.
2013, (w), ‘Royal Bodies’, London Review of Books, 35.IV:
He collected a number of injuries that stopped him jousting, and then in middle age became stout, eventually gross.
great Great, serious, flagrant, or shameful.


The whole amount; entire; total before any deductions.
Not sensitive in perception or feeling; dull; witless.
Tell her of things that no gross ear can hear.
puhekieltä seen without a microscope, macroscopic, usually for a tissue or an organ.
twelve Twelve dozen = 144.
The total nominal earnings or amount, before taxes, expenses, exceptions or similar are deducted. That which remains after all deductions is called net.
The bulk, the mass, the masses.
To earn money, not including expenses.

The movie grossed three million on the first weekend.

(quote-journal) (Review)|date=21 January 2014|passage=The film grossed $464 million worldwide, ensconcing her in the Hollywood A-list.
(standard spelling of) (qualifier).
Bach, Cantata BWV 71: Gott ist mein König
Glück, Heil und grosser Sieg
: Good fortune, salvation and great victory
a grossNoun gross, twelve dozen (144)


Mitä tarkoittaa gross glockner?


Mitä tarkoittaa gross-born?

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