1. kvantifikaatio, jakaminen asteisiin, porrastus, varjostus, sulautus, askel, aste, tahti, asema, arvo.

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askel, tahti, aste

jakaminen asteisiin, porrastus A sequence of gradual, successive stages; a systematic progression.
A passing by small degrees from one tone or shade, as of color, to another. See Synonyms at nuance.
The act of gradate gradating or arranging in grades.
Any degree or relative position in an order or series.
I. Taylor

the several gradations of the intelligent universe
puhekieltä A calibration marking.
puhekieltä A gradual change within one parameter, or an overlapping of two blocks of sound.
puhekieltä apophony Apophony.
puhekieltä To form with gradations.
English gradation


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