1. heikko, hauras



  1. hauras, sairaalloinen, sairas, ihmis-, inhimillinen, epätäydellinen, puutteellinen, heikko, vajavainen.

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viikunakori, rusinakori


22,7 kg Easily break broken; mentally or physically fragile; not firm or durable; liable to fail and perish; easily destroyed; not tenacious of life; weak; infirm.
1993, John Banville, Ghosts

Frail smoke of morning in the air and a sort of muffled hum that is not sound but is not silence either.
Liable to fall from virtue or be led into sin; not strong against temptation; weak in resolution; unchaste.
A basket made of rushes, used chiefly for containing figs and raisins.
The quantity of raisins contained in a frail.
A rush for weaving baskets.
puhekieltä A girl.
1931, (w) / (w), ‘Minnie the Moocher’:
She was the roughest, toughest frail, but Minnie had a heart as big as a whale.
1933, (w), w:Tender Is the Night|Tender Is the Night, edition 1, Book 2, Chapter XXII:
There were five people in the Quirinal bar after dinner, a high-class Italian frail who sat on a stool making persistent conversation against the bartender's bored: “Si ... Si ... Si,” a light, snobbish Egyptian who was lonely but chary of the woman, and the two Americans.
1939, (w), The Big Sleep, Penguin 2011, p. 148:
‘She's pickin' 'em tonight, right on the nose,’ he said. ‘That tall black-headed frail.’
1941, Preston Sturges, w:Sullivans Travels|Sullivan's Travels, published in Five Screenplays'', ISBN 0-520-05442-4, page 77:
Sullivan, the girl and the butler get to the ground. The girl wears a turtle-neck sweater, a cap slightly sideways, a torn coat, turned-up pants and sneakers.
SULLIVAN Why don't you go back with the car... You look about as much like a boy as w:Mae West|Mae West.
THE GIRL All right, they'll think I'm your frail.
To play a stringed instrument, usually a banjo, by picking with the back of a fingernail.


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fragmentaarinen, fragmentaarisesti, fragmentaarisuus, fragmentti, frakki, frakkipaita

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