1. kääntää heittäen ympäri

  2. hankkia talo, kunnostaa sitä ja myydä se voitolla

  3. slangia|k=en mennä sekaisin, raivostua

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flip a house

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  1. heitto, aloitussyöttö, kärrynpyörä, kuperkeikka, voltti, pyörähdys, puolivoltti taaksepäin.

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A maneuver which rotates an object end over end.

Well decide this on a flip of a coin.''

The diver did a couple of flips before landing in the pool.

A complete change of direction, decision, movement etc.
puhekieltä A slingshot.
1986, George Scarbrough, A summer ago (page 123)
He loaded his flip and took careful aim at what he considered to be Emily's most vulnerable spot (..)
puhekieltä To throw (as in to turn over).

You need to flip the pancake onto the other side.

{{quote-journal|date=September 16, 2011|author=Ben Dirs|title=Rugby World Cup 2011: New Zealand 83-7 Japan|work=BBC Sport|url=http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/rugby_union/14811661.stm
puhekieltä To put into a quick revolve revolving motion through a snap of the thumb and index finger.

If you cant decide which option to go for, flip a coin.''

puhekieltä To win a state (or county) won by another party in the preceding elections

Wisconsin had been Democratic for decades, but the Republicans flipped it in 2016.

puhekieltä To go berserk or crazy.

Id flip if anyone broke my phone.''

To buy an asset (usually a house), improve it and sell it quickly for profit.
puhekieltä To invert a bit (binary digit), changing it from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 0.
puhekieltä used to express annoyance, especially when the speaker has made an error.
1967, Peter Shaffer, Black comedy, including White lies: two plays
Impossible. He's dining out and coming on here after. He can't be reached. / Oh, flip!
2000, Susan McKay, Northern Protestants
"Oh flip, don't come near this place," she said. It was dangerous. The Catholics had banners up on the Garvaghy Road saying, 'No Protestants here'.
puhekieltä Having the quality of playfulness, or lacking seriousness of purpose.

I hate to be flip, but perhaps we could steal a Christmas tree.

sarcastic Sarcastic.
puhekieltä disrespectful Disrespectful.

Dont get flip with me or I'll knock you into next Tuesday!''

A mixture of beer, spirit, etc., stirred and heated by a hot iron (a flip dog).
(nl-verb form of)
a type of alcoholic punch from Normandy, composed of cider and calvados
puhekieltä backflip


  • flibu: flipperi

  • flippaa: seota / kadottaa järkensä / tulla humalaan


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