suomi-englanti sanakirja

yli englanniksi

  1. o'er, over

  1. ''yli'' + number: over

  2. ''Auto maksoi yli 200 000 (= kaksisataatuhatta) euroa.''

    ''The car cost over 200,000 euros.''

  3. over (gloss)

  4. ''Pallo lensi tuolin yli ja ovesta ulos.''

    ''The ball flew over the chair and out of the door.''

  5. after, past (temporal)

  6. ''Kello on vartin yli kuusi.''

    ''It's quarter past/after six.''

    ''Kello on viittä (minuuttia) yli kuusi.''

    ''It's five (minutes) past/after six.''

  7. over, through

  8. (RQ:izh:Geografia-1:1936)

  9. (RQ:izh:Lukukirja-1:1936)

  10. (uxi)

  11. in, after, ... later

  12. Long, narrow piece of wood on the side of wagons at the top and bottom, where the withes are bound; side bar or board in a hay or driving wagon.

  13. The bottom of a seal shoe.