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yeast englannista suomeksi

  1. hiiva

  1. Substantiivi

  2. hiiva, hiivasieni

  3. hiiva

  4. hiiva, kuivahiiva

  5. vaahto

  6. Verbi

yeast englanniksi

  1. An often humid, yellowish froth produced by fermenting malt worts, and used to brew beer, leaven bread, and also used in certain medicines.

  2. A single-celled fungus of a wide variety of taxonomic families.

  3. (quote-book)

  4. A yeast or (vern) in order Saccharomycetales.

  5. (vern), ''cerevisiae''

  6. A compressed cake or dried granules of this substance used for mixing with flour to make bread dough rise.

  7. brewer's yeast, certain species of ''Saccharomyces'', principally ''cerevisiae'' and (taxlink).

  8. ''Candida'', a ubiquitous fungus that can cause various kinds of infections in humans.

  9. The resulting infection, candidiasis.

  10. A frothy foam.

  11. 1851, (w), ''(w)'':

  12. But what most puzzled and confounded you was a long, limber, portentous, black mass of something hovering in the centre of the picture over three blue, dim, perpendicular lines floating in a nameless yeast.
  13. To ferment.

  14. To rise.

  15. To exaggerate