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yearn englannista suomeksi

  1. haluta kiihkeästi, kaivata kiihkeästi

  2. haikailla, kaivata

  3. ikävöidä

  1. kaivata, haikailla

  2. kaivata

yearn englanniksi

  1. To have a strong desire for something or to do something; to long for or to do something.

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  8. (quote-book)|month=(writing and revisions)|year=1913–1960|year_published=1971 (1987 printing)|page=181|pageurl=|isbn=978-0-14-003515-5|passage=But all that night his body yearned for Alec's, despite him. He called it lustful, a word easily uttered, and opposed it to his work, his family, his friends, his position in society. (..) But his body would not be convinced.

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  10. To long for something in the past with melancholy or nostalgia.

  11. (quote-book)|location=New York, N.Y.|publisher=(w)|year=1971|year_published=February 1972|page=420|pageurl=|isbn=978-0-670-10208-2|passage=If I don’t go now, thought Charlotte, I shall have lost a chance which I shall eternally regret and yearn after.

  12. (quote-book)|edition=1st American|location=London|publisher=(w)|year=2002|page=137|isbn=978-0-670-03102-3|passage=Having shaken the dust of the ugly new South Africa from his feet, is he yearning for the South Africa of the old days, when Eden was still possible?

  13. Of music, words, etc.: to express strong desire or longing.

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  15. To have strong feelings of affection, love, sympathy, etc., toward someone.

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  18. (RQ:Henry Adams Democracy) Mr. Ratcliffe’s heart yearned toward the charming girl quite with the sensations of a father, or even of an elder brother.

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  20. To be distressed or pained; to grieve; to mourn.

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  22. ''Often followed by'' out: to perform (music) which conveys or say (words) which express strong desire or longing.

  23. To have a strong desire or longing (for something or to do something).

  24. (synonyms)

  25. To cause (someone) to have strong feelings of affection, love, sympathy, etc.; also, to grieve or pain (someone).

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  28. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=(w)|year=1833|page=31|pageurl=|column=2|oclc=57230597|passage=When the badger finds that the terriers yearn him in his burrow, he will stop the hole between him and the terriers; (..)

  29. (quote-journal); and Henry Hooper,(nb...)|date=25 June 1834|volume=I|issue=13|page=98|pageurl=|column=1|oclc=276731836|passage=Wants to sneeze and cannot do it! / Now it yearns me, thrills me, stings me, / Now with rapturous torment wrings me, / Now says “Sneeze, you fool; get through it.”

  30. A strong desire or longing; a yearning, a (l).

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  33. Gibbs now said he wasn't going to pull any punches with Gary when he knew how jealous a man could get, so he also wanted to tell him that Phil Hansen was reputed to have a yearn for attractive ladies.
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  35. "After he had made a record date with us in 1935, I always had a yearn for Ben," he said years later.
  36. 2014 February 13, AFP, "Why internet adultery numbers are soaring" ''New Zealand Herald''

  37. "My guess, however, is that it has because there are many people who have a yearn for sex outside their relationship but wouldn't have the slightest idea about how to do it or do it safely," Prof Schwartz added.
  38. Of milk: to curdle, especially in the cheesemaking process.

  39. Of cheese: to be made from curdled milk.

  40. To curdle (milk), especially in the cheesemaking process.

  41. To make (cheese) from curdled milk.

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