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yang englannista suomeksi

  1. yang
  1. Substantiivi

yang englanniksi

  1. A principle in Chinese and related Asian philosophies associated with bright, hot, masculine, etc. elements of the natural world.

  2. The monetary unit of Korea from 1892 to 1902, divided into 100 pun.

  3. To make the cry of the goose.

  4. 1902, Eleanor Gates, ''The biography of a prairie girl''

  5. Away they went, the colt in the lead and the pinto after, until they reached the bunch of cottonwoods far up the stream where the yanging wild geese had their nests.
  6. 1957, Adelbert Ames, ''Chronicles from the Nineteenth Century: 1874-1899''

  7. Last night we were awakened by the barking of dogs and yanging of a goose, and investigated to find that the man had neglected to house the geese and the dogs were killing them.
  8. The cry of the wild goose; a honk.

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