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wellhead englannista suomeksi

  1. suihkukaivo

  2. lähde

  1. Substantiivi

wellhead englanniksi

  1. The place where a spring breaks out of the ground; the source of water for a stream or well.

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  3. Leaue the troubled streames,
    And liue as Thriuers doe at the Well head.
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  5. It is a singular circumstance, that within a quarter of a mile of the well-head of the (w), arises the (w).
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  7. The source of something; a fountainhead.

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  10. ... a bull was not merely a stud animal worth so much, due to go to the butcher in a little while. It was a vast wonder-beast, a well-head of the great, furnace-like passion that makes the worlds roll and the sun surge up ...
  11. The surface structure of an well etc.