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wasted englannista suomeksi

  1. tuhlattu

  2. turha

  3. näivettynyt

  1. haaskattu, hukkaanheitetty

  2. hävitetty

  3. riutunut

  4. kännissä, pilvessä

  5. Verbi

wasted englanniksi

  1. Not profitably used.

  2. Ravaged or deteriorated.

  3. Emaciated and haggard.

  4. very drunk or stoned.

  5. (quote-av)|role=Lee Chandler|title=by the Sea (film)|Manchester by the Sea|writer=(w)|year=2016|text=I went to the minimart...It’s about a fifteen minute walk both ways. But I didn’t wanna drive cause I was really wasted.

  6. low weight-for-height (for a person).

  7. (en-past of)