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warder englannista suomeksi

  1. vanginvartija

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

warder englanniksi

  1. A guard, especially in a prison.

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  5. So the guards carried him to the jail, thinking to lay him by the heels there for the night; but, when the warders saw his beauty and loveliness, they could not find it in their hearts to imprison him: they made him sit with them without the walls; and, when food came to them, he ate with them what sufficed him.
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  7. Nobody else spoke, but they noticed the long stripes on Okonkwo’s back where the warder’s whip had cut into his flesh.
  8. A truncheon or staff carried by a king or commander, used to signal commands.

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  10. When, lo! the king chang’d suddenly his Mind,
    Casts down his Warder to arrest them there;
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  13. One who or that which wards or repels.

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  15. The conspicuous position thus accorded to the cat as a warder-off of evil fortune seems oddly paralleled, though not imitated, by the place accorded to the same animal in popular European folklore.
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  17. to keep