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voracious englannista suomeksi

  1. ahnas

  1. ahne, ahnas

  2. innokas, ahkera

voracious englanniksi

  1. Wanting or devouring great quantities of food.

  2. (RQ:Defoe Robinson Crusoe)

  3. (RQ:Dickens Oliver Twist)

  4. 1910, London|Jack London, "The Human Drift":

  5. Retreating before stronger breeds, hungry and voracious, the Eskimo has drifted to the inhospitable polar regions.
  6. Having a great appetite for anything.

  7. 1922, Lippmann|Walter Lippmann, ''Opinion|Public Opinion'', ch. 7:

  8. If he carried chiefly his appetite, a zeal for tiled bathrooms, a conviction that the Pullman car is the acme of human comfort, and a belief that it is proper to tip waiters, taxicab drivers, and barbers, but under no circumstances station agents and ushers, then his Odyssey will be replete with good meals and bad meals, bathing adventures, compartment-train escapades, and voracious demands for money.
  9. 2005, Nathan Thornburgh, "The Invasion of the Chinese Cyberspies," ''Time'', 29 Aug.:

  10. Methodical and voracious, these hackers wanted all the files they could find.