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voiceless englannista suomeksi

  1. äänioikeudeton

  2. soinniton

  3. äänetön

  4. äänenkatoinen, täyskäheä

  1. mykkä, äänetön

  2. soinniton

voiceless englanniksi

  1. Lacking a voice, without vocal sound.

  2. 1994, McKennitt|Loreena McKennitt, ''The Mystic's Dream''

  3. A voiceless song in an ageless light'' / ''Sings at the coming dawn'' / ''Birds in flight are calling there'' / ''Where the heart moves the stones'' / ''It's there that my heart is calling'' / ''All for the love of you.



  4. Without a vote; having no input into a decision.

  5. Spoken without vibration of the cords; unvoiced, surd, 2|breathed. Examples: t, s, f, , .